The Searcher

Identity: Ethan Edwards (Secret ID)
Age: 35
Origin: High-Tech (Genetic Engineering)

F: TY (6)
A: RM (30)
S: TY (6)
E: TY (6)
R: RM (30)
I: RM (30)
P: EX (20)

Health: 48
Karma: 80
Resources: EX (20)
Popularity: GD (10)

Tracking: RM (30)
Paralyzing Touch: EX (20)
Telepathy: GD (10)


Jeffrey Hunter, one of the head geneticists at Millenial Genetics, the establishment that spliced Edwards’ genetic code to give him his tracking and telepathic powers


Ethan was born into a loving family. The second-born, he was raised by his mother, father, and older sister, Marion, whom he adored. A bright boy, Ethan cruised through elementary and high school, graduating two years early. Tragedy struck the summer before he would go off to college. He came home one day to find his father murdered, his mother near death, and his sister missing, and no clue as to why his home had been attacked. The need to find his sister became an obsession for Ethan. His mother eventually recovered from her injuries, and Ethan began commuting to college, all the while trying to learn what had happened to Marion. Fast forward to about 10 years ago, when a genetics lab was built in the city where Ethan did his graduate work. Ethan got a job there, and soon fell in with a man named Jeffrey Hunter. Jeffrey was working on a new technology involving gene-splicing to create heightened senses in humans. Ethan, seeing an opportunity to possibly find his sister, quickly took to the project, and eventually volunteered to be the first test subject. The experiment was a success, to a certain extent. Ethan’s senses of smell, hearing, sight, and smell were heightened. It also created a sixth sense in him, giving him the power of telepathy. But all of these powers were localized into a “third eye,” a sensitive spot at the top of Ethan’s forehead. The experiment also gave Ethan cancer, for which he has to undergo chemo-therapy (and as a result has no hair, and wears a bandanna on his head). Feeling somewhat weakened in defenses, and still paranoid that whoever attacked his family might return, Ethan created a pair of Tap-Gloves, capable of paralyzing any attacker. He stays in contact with Hunter, and now works for the Department of Missing and Exploited Children. Marion still hasn’t been found.

The Searcher

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