Professor Paranormal

Imbued with alien mystical energy to be the advanced guard of an invasion.

F: TY(6)
A: EX(20)
S: RM(30)
E: EX(20)
R: RM(30)
I: IN(40)
P: FB(2)

Health: 76

Powers: All powers are magically created
1.Absorption: Kinetic – Ex(20)
2.Power Absorption: Only works on Abilities – Ex(20)
3.Dimensional Travel: The Razed – Am(50) (-3cs to escape The Razed)

Talents 1.Archeology (Gives him Extensive Knowledge of The Razed)
2.Thrown Weapons

Resources: TY(6)
Pop: 10
Heinrich Eichner (Occult Lore)

Note on Dimensional Travel: Professor Occult’s dimensional travel power is highly specialized and as a result has several limitations. It’s true design is to serve as a troop transport. Professor Occult can only travel (with a green roll) to the home dimension of The Razed, and from that dimension back to anywhere on his home plane. However, since this is intended as a troop transport, all who share the same area as Professor Occult will be transported with him. All unwilling to go must roll against the power level of his dimensional travel. Finally, since The Razed would prefer him to stay in their home dimension, his power level is always -3cs when trying to leave. Any additional penalties would stack.


Vincent Del Diablo is a PHD graduate from the Harvard University school of Archeology. He wrote his dissertation on doomsday worship of ancient civilizations. After leaving school he became aware of an ancient Mayan sect that worshiped an unknown entity or entities known only as The Razed. Vincent received a cryptic warning from an older colleague against traveling to a remote region in Mexico, which was the center of worship for The Razed. Ignoring that warning, a week later he ventured inside of an ancient dark temple to The Razed.

Vincent discovered that The Razed is a group of extra-dimensional entities who travel from dimension to dimension draining it of all life energy. Unfortunately, during his research Del Diablo triggered a trap which imbued him with the magical energies of a member of The Razed’s advanced guard. Normally, this trap would have co-opted his mind, but Vincent happened to be the possessor of a naturally powerful psyche. Instead of being controlled, he sublimated the magical control of The Razed. This caused his psyche to be vastly reduced as it is occupied fending off the control of The Razed, magically enhanced his Strength, Agility, and Endurance, and bestowed him with the magical powers of The Razed.

Professor Paranormal

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