Insane Leader of Undertown


Jacob is the leader of Undertown. He lives in a large black bunker within Undertown and keeps a group of rough looking characters as his personal guard. They are armed with techno-organic laser rifles fashioned from alien technology.

While Jacob is looked at as both a god and a savior to the people of undertown, he is in reality a disgruntled scientist who was formerly employed at Enertech. When he left Enertech he took both the alien technology he discovered and the new technologies he was able to derive.

Jacob is a very sick man. He is wheel-chair bound, frail looking and is often seen huffing oxygen like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet. He is prone to paranoia and will act upon his suspicions with violence. At times he comes down on Undertown like an iron fist, but they still remain loyal to him because he was able to fashion a group of homeless degenerates into a society with goals, desires, and accomplishments beyond their wildest dreams.


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