The Rise of Undertown

Entrance into the Underground

Finding the door to Undertown

Undertown, it seemed was a city located beneath the streets of Manhattan. It was populated by society’s castoffs. These were people who had been broken in some way against the anvil of social progress and capitalist greed. Now shells of their former selves they had no choice but to withdraw from the world. It so happens that they congregated underground and were united by a mysterious leader known only as Jacob.

All this info the heroes were able to extract from the young officebreaker they had pursued through the streets and down to the entrance of the underground, that is linked to New York’s subway system. The boy, who calls himself Peter was adamant that he only committed the theft of the energy weapon in order to save his parents from certain death. You see, the Underground had been invaded by some sort of mercenary force who were threatening to invade Undertown and were slaughtering all they could find in New York’s underbelly.

The Searcher, having a soft spot for children in danger gave his most earnest promise to find Peter’s parents and save the folks of Undertown. After dropping Peter with a friend who could take care of him, The Searcher, Gravitell, and Professor Paranormal entered the Underground.

As they passed through the underground corridors they were made uneasy by the watchful gaze of an electronic eye and a large number of traps to evade. With skill and grace, the heroes finally advanced far enough into the Underground to hear the sounds of combat assault their ears. Gunshots and the noises of those dying and in pain echoed down the hall like waves crashing against some tormented beach. They had walked into the middle of a firefight! Could this be the entrance to Undertown?

On one side of the firefight stood many thuggish looking individuals who were no doubt the invaders. Behind cover, on the other side of a large pillared room were their opponents. A contingent of scruffy, but suprisingly well armed denizens of Undertown. Without hesitation, Gravitell, Professor Paranormal, and the The Searcher plunged into battle to aid citizens of Undertown. In a very short time, the heroes were victorious over the thugs. However, when they turned to greet the inhabitants of Undertown as friends, they were fired upon as the invaders had been before.

A second firefight commenced, but the heroes made short work of the party from Undertown. This bothered The Searcher as he had hoped that he would be greeted as a friend when he first encountered the people of Undertown. He knew he had to find the mysterious Jacob, leader of Undertown, and convince the man that they were on his side against the murderous invaders.

Professor Paranormal, Gravitell, and The Searcher set about doing just that. They needed to find a way from the underground tunnels into Undertown proper. After much wandering and searching, they found two ways in. One would allow them to sneak into Undertown through a tunnel in some broken stonework and the other led through the front entrance. Opting to keep things above board, they decided to go in the front. After traversing through an entranceway filled with traps, the heroes finally entered Undertown. However, before they could look around, a voice shouted down to them from a fortified parapet, “Down on the ground, surfacers. I’ve got you dead to rights!”

Reluctantly, the group complied because they knew they were at disadvantage and still wanted to win the friendship of the Undertowners. However, a feeling of dread consumed them because they were now at the mercy of Undertown and its leader, Jacob.



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