The Rise of Undertown

Captured by a Madman!

The heroes, Professor Paranormal,Gravitell, and The Searcher found themselves the prisoners of the citizenry of Undertown. They were led across the surprisingly green and lush city of Undertown. After being handcuffed and chained at the legs by the leader of Undertown’s military, Sammy, they lead before a large black bunker that overlooked the huts and farm fields of Undertown like a gloomy disapproving big brother.

Sammy attached each of them to a pole at the foot of the bunker as an angry crowd gathered around them. On a balcony, a wheelchair-bound man flanked by heavily armed guards was wheeled to the balcony. The man was frail and obviously suffering from the effects of a terminal disease. He directed the men around them, spitting commands out as angry rebukes. Occasionally he would be overcome by a coughing fit and have to recharge himself with some gasping breaths into a nearby oxygen mask. This was Jacob, the feared leader of the denizens of Undertown.

“Why are you here,” Jacob spoke with a rasping, but surprisingly loud voice down to the three adventurers. “You were sent here by Sullivan, weren’t you? Sent here to destroy ME!”

Not wanting to be misunderstood and killed outright by the mob that was growing increasingly angry and violent, The Searcher responded to the accusations. “No, we’re here to help you! We were sent here by Peter to help you beat back the invaders who threaten you. We’re your friends, not your enemies!”

“LIARS!” Jacob shouted back angrily, “You’re here to kill me. The God of Undertown. I took this place for these people in these dark, dank old service tunnels and turned it into a fertile sanctuary. It is an eye in the hurricane of a society that hates them. If you want to prove your peaceful intentions toward me, you must kill my enemy, Sullivan.”

“But we don’t kill,” The Searcher said weakly. “We can try to stop him and help you people, but we can’t go as far as murder.”

Angered by The Searcher’s refusal to obey his commands, Jacob ordered that they all be thrown into a cell to await his judgment. The leader of Undertown would decide whether or not they would killed in the morning. For several hours, the three heroes sat upon a dirt floor surrounded by iron bars trying to figure out the best way to escape from the nightmare of Jacob’s Undertown. At the moment the thoughts and frustrations of their situation were becoming overwhelming, the heroes heard the sound of their cell door unlocking.

A man poked his head into the cell. He introduced himself in a whisper. He was Isaac, the father of the boy namedPeter they had met earlier. This was the father of the family they were sent to help! Sadly, they were in no position to help him. In fact, it was Isaac who was going to help them! With all of Undertown asleep, he led the heroes from their cell across Undertown and back out into the underground tunnels.

The heroes had faced certain death at the hands of Jacob, but now they wanted to face the man who had somehow created the madman. Yes, they had to track down the owner of Enertech, Sullivan. From Isaac, they learned that Jacob was a former employee of Sullivan’s. The current leader of Undertown was a member of Enertech’s Research and Development department. Jacob had discovered an alien technology that could be used to create advanced energy-based weaponry that would prove extremely profitable. Jacob, who was in failing health and failing sanity disagreed with the use of the technology Sullivan had proposed. He took the alien technology which he had perfected and enhanced and fled underground.

Now, Sullivan was able to contact to aliens, known only as The Razed and make a deal with them to attack Jacob in his Undertown stronghold. The alien technology was unfortunately unstable, but Jacob had found a way to solve this. Both Sullivan and The Razed wanted that secret.

Armed with this new knowledge that Isaac was able to provide, the heroes decided it was time to pay Sullivan a visit at Enertech. Before they left, Gravitell pleaded with Peter’s father to come up to the surface them.

Isaac responded sadly, “No, I can’t go back. I’ve been underground so long your world would be too foreign to me. I belong underground.”

With a sad heart, The Searcher, Professor Paranormal, and Gravitell left their new friend behind as they went back up to the surface. However, as they saw the profile of the Enertech building against the sky at dusk, they hardened their hearts again. Next they would get answers from Sullivan!



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